Dear ________________________________ (Customer/Company Name)

Vehicular gate operating systems provide convenience and security to their users. Because these machines produce such high levels of force, all gate operating system designers, installers and end users need to be aware of the potential hazards associated with improperly designed, installed or maintained systems.

Each component must work in unison to provide their end user, visitors and subsequent owners with convenienve, security and safety.

Byan Systems, Inc., hydraulic gate operators and accessory equipment are intended to be part of a total operating system. We highly endorse and recommend the use of safety accessories and visual warning indicators in the form of lights, sounders and placards properly placed.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser, designer and installer, that the total system is safe for the particular application.

We are pleased you have selected Byan Systems, Inc., operators for your vehicular gate automation. On behalf of our distribution and dealer network, may I extend to you our gratitude and commitment to future support.

Thank you for reviewing this information. Verify with your installer that you understand all operating equipment and the functions of the safety accessories.

Please sign and date this form acknowledging you have read, understand and ratify the information herein.

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