600 Series Operator

The 600 Series is a residential and medium-duty commercial operator for applications that require 100 cycles per hour or less. It is ideal for uses that do not require continuous duty.

The 600 Series is unique in that it does not require positive stops. On all hydraulic operators, the gates must make contact with an obstruction that causes them to stop, both when closing and opening. The 600 Series travels at normal speed until it reaches the last 5 to 10 degrees of travel. It then automatically slows, negating the need for positive stops.

Model 600A 115 VAC Single Phase Built-in Thermal Overload
Model 600B 220 VAC Single Phase Built-in Thermal Overload
Capacitor Rating 10 UF/ 35 UF/40 UF
Standard Working Pressure 1,650 PSI
Maximum Working Pressure 1,750 PSI
Pump Spur Gear .66 LTR/Min.
Motor 1/6 Horsepower
Amperage Draw 4 Amps
Operator Length (with piston retracted and rear bracket and swivel joint installed) 714 mm (28-1/8 inches)
Operator Length (with piston extended and rear bracket and swivel joint installed) 964 mm (37-15/16 inches)
Operator Width 3-3/8 x 3-3/8 inches
Operator Height 4-4/16 inches (w/lock cover)
Speed to 90 Degrees 12 Seconds
Piston Stroke 250 mm (9-7/8 inches)
Ambient Operator Temperature Range -60 to 220 Degrees F
Hydraulic Fluid Fuchs Aceite Multi-Temp
Adjustable Pressure Setting in Both Open and Closed Directions
Shipping Weight 27 lbs.

Hydraulic locks in both the open and closed positions. For gates greater than 12 feet in length, electric locks are recommended.

In some states and cities (in case of a power outage), the gate must be able to be pushed open by the fire ore emergency vehicle. We can take out the hydraulic check valve in the closed position. You must then use an electric lock to keep the gate closed.

With the operator mounted inside the property, the operator can be installed to swing inward or outward. Most mechanical operators must be mounted on the side the gate will swing toward.


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